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About us

Our Philosophy

Travelling is more...

Travelling the world is not only a physical experience, but it is much more a spiritual experience.

The emotional sensation that you feel, when you start to prepare a trip is so profound. Close your eyes and begin your journey in your mind. Every journey is a story, and you are the author.

The story starts with the impulse of your endeavour. From this moment on it begins to live and you nurture it with information and ideas. Have you ever tried mind mapping? Brainstorming is another word for it, and it is a fabulous way to prepare your thoughts and ideas rapidly and efficiently.

The success of your journey depends on the preparation. You should integrate as much as possible the experiences of others. Start to read about your destinations, watch videos and start to write your first chapter of your dream journey.

We, at Travelinux, are experienced and passionate travellers and we love to share with you, our knowledge and skills.

We have travelled to all the places that we offer, and we transmit to you the emotional experience from the beginning of your fantastic idea to travel to these beautiful destinations.

Travel with us, and you are always in best company!

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María & Siegbert

Founders of TRAVELINUX the world!

The best for you!

Our mission

Our mission is to help you to design and to live your best vacation experience ever. 

We believe in offering the best service for you. You will feel secure and confident with us. Our service concept is derived from the highest service concepts on the market, like JW Marriott, Apple or Amazon.

Real success is going the extra mile and over-fulfil your expectations. Going exactly the extra mile distinguishes us mainly from other companies. 

Our international team has a vast travel and working experience, and it is our pleasure and honour to share our knowledge and experience with you.

We have created our company around the philosophy of self and professional development to enjoy the happiness and success of life. 

We work to create long-term relationships with our clients, and we see them as friends. International friendships enrich our lives and create strong bonds of harmony and peace.

Our Goal

We deliver you your dream vacations

Our goal is to deliver you your dream holidays. We take care of you and we want you to be happy every single moment.

Our clients travel with us because they know they can rely on us 24 hours a day and because we offer them custom-tailored trips and make sure that their vacations are entirely wonderful. 

We are providing innovative and customer-oriented services that generate confidence and friendship. 

We invite you to travel with us, promising you that your experience will be one of your best experiences in your life.

30 years of experience

We love to share with you our knowledge and experience of more than 30 years success.


Direct communication is the key to bring you closer to your dream vacations.

Confidence and Security

Your confidence in us is our highest responsibility.


We see and treat you as our friend and we will always offer you the best.

Respect and Kindness

We treat you with the highest respect and kindness.

The Extra Mile

We are always going the Extra Mile for you and we do always our best to overfulfill your expectations.